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Extra Services

Prices are only for optional services, does not add any additional fees without customer notification. None of the options below are necessary for customers who can do their own layout.  If the option you want is not listed, please email InstantPublisher for custom pricing.


Layout/Typesetting $4.00 per page $150 minimum
Scanning complete book for reproduction $2.00 per page $150 minimum
Scanning $3.00 per image $30 minimum
(does not include photo retouching)
Per word change after layout $.05
Basic proofreading $.015 per word


Standard cover design $85.00
Premium cover design $130
Illustrations $120 per image

File Preparation

PDF file conversion for files under 10mb $30 - Every Additional 10mb $10.00
Correcting Color Pages up to 20 pages $50 - Every Additional Page $5.00
Submitting a new file after placing an order without a hardcopy proof results in a $25 fee plus any work that has been performed on the book


ISBN and barcode under author name $100.00
ISBN and barcode under name $75.00
Barcode creation for your own ISBN numbers $15.00
Copyright $100.00


Online Proof FREE
Proof copies for any color book order or any black and white order under 200 copies. $50.00
For black and white orders over 200 copies. $30.00
Bound proof copies An additional $25 for all binding styles but hardcover which is $45
Proof copy express shipped $35 in the U.S.A.
$55 outside
Any changes to printed proof options are free.

Ebook Publishing

Word files prepared per instantpublisher specs for ebook Includes ISBN $259.00 for up to 300 pages
Each additional 20 pages is $5.00
IFile preparation for files not prepared for ebook $249.00 up to 300 pages
Resizing images that are not sized properly $50.00 for correcting up to 10 images
$5.00 for each additional image after 10

Print/Bind Options

Plastic overlay for spiral bound

25¢ each

Rounded corners 20¢ per book.  
( Not available on hardcovers.)
Landscaped books Will incur the special size fee and require a $25.00 setup fee for anything under 9.5 inches wide and a $125.00 setup fee for anything over 9.5 wide
Individual shrink wrap $50.00 setup plus 32¢ ea
Ribbon bookmark $20.00 setup plus 20¢ per book only available with sewn perfect bound and case binding styles.
Rush service $120.00 or 12% of order total
Foil Stamping $100.00 die and setup for 4x4 area
50¢ per book for orders over 200 and
$1.00 for orders less than 200

Bulk mailing services

$175 setup fee to process list, certify and prepare for mail plus actual postage.
Extras like envelopes etc 20¢ per piece to process (label and sort.)
Custom quotes available.

Web design service

$498 for 4 pages and help with order setup; free for first year,
then $99 hosting per year

Interior book design

Digital printing services

Book printing and binding

Book printing services